These are the most beautiful diving sites in Maldives that you can visit with Sea Retreats

​1. Colosseum
Colosseum is the nearest dive site to Thulusdhoo Island. This dive site is good for open water divers as well as advance open water divers. This is a channel dive. In incoming current you’ll jump a little away from the corner of the channel. The reef is gently sloping down to 25m. Top reef is around 7m. What you can see from there are schools Blue Trip Sapper, Red and Midnight Snapper schools, Eagle Ray schools, White tip Reef Shark, Leopard Shark, Bat fish schools, sometimes Manta Ray, and Whale Shark and many more. It will take 15 minutes to go there by boat.

2. Chickens Island 
The name chicken island corner is given because it’s the South side corner of kuda villingili (island name) the island had a poultry farm in earlier days that’s why it’s called chicken corner. The dive site what you can see is Moray Eel, Tuna, Red Snapper, Blue Fin and Big Eye Trevally’s, White tip Reef Shark, some cave’s with Soft Corals, swim trough’s, and many more. It will take 00:15 to go there by boat.

3. Prisca head
Prisca head is located near Meeru island resort it’s the north side of Meeru channel. In this dive site what you can see is sometimes Manta Ray passing by, Gray Reef Shark, White Tip Reef Shark, schools of Sergeant Fish, Black Jack fish, Moray Eel and many more. It will take 1:00 to go there by boat.

4. Cave corner 
Cave corner is inside of Dhifushi channel. This dive site is mostly for advance divers because it’s a deep dive. In this dive site you will encounter big overhangs inside the overhangs you will see Fan Coral, Soft Coral, school of Blue Stripe Snapper, Hump Head Red Snapper, Sweet Lips, Moray Eel, Mantis Shrimp, Red Snapper, Blue Fin Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse and a lot more.

5. Meeru Corner
Meeru Corner the name is given after the island meeru. The dive site is a south side of meeru channel. What you can see from there are in incoming current Eagle ray, School of Fusilier, Sergeant Fish, napoleon wrasse and a lot more.

6. Kuda Wreck 
Kuda wreck is located near dhifushi Island. It’s called kuda because in Maldivian language kuda means small. The wreck is near a reef so after the wreck the divers will go to the reef. The reef is also very healthy reef with a lot of fish and nice corals. The wreck has been there for now more than 10 years so corals and fish life is very good in the wreck and its 80ft long. What you can see in the wreck is inside the wreck fill with small Glass Fish, Cleaning Shrimp, Trumpet Fish, Sweet Lips and a lot more. This dive site is not only for advance divers even open water divers can do this dive because the wreck starts from 4m and up to 22m.

7. Asdhoo Rock
Asdhoo rock is located near Asdhoo Island. In this dive site there are small pinnacles found in north east side of the big pinnacle. What you can see from this dive site is big Napoleon Wrasse, schools ofHump Head Snapper and Blue Strip Snapper, Turtles, Red Snapper and big schools of Fusilier. East side of the pinnacle is all live corals and west side of the pinnacle is a wall so this site is suitable for open water divers and as well as advanced divers also.

8. Bodu giri
Bodu giri means in Maldivian language big reef. This dive site is good for beginner divers. In the north side of the reef there’s a wall going up to 20m. In this dive site what you can see is Blue Trigger fish, masked Banner Fish, Moray Eel, Red Snapper, Blue Fin Trevally, Butterfly Fish, on the top reef lot of Lobster and many more.

9. Stairs
This dive site is unusual coral formation like an apartment building with levels raising from 30m to 10m on the outside of the reef. It has many dwelling occupants and nooks and crannies appear overcrowded with reef fishers. What you can see from there is Whitetip Reef Shark, Sting Ray, Sweetlip fish, Puffer Fish, Giant Moray Eel, and schools of Blue Strip Snapper, Turtle and many more.

10. Miyaru thila
Miyaru(Shark) thila(pinochle). It’s a pinnacle in the middle of a channel. The best is incoming current you might see big school of Fusilier, Eagle Rays, Dog Tooth Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse and also a lot of other fishers as well. It will take 1:30min to go there from Tholusdhoo Island by boat.

11. Miyaru faru
Miyaru(Shark) faru(Reef). In this dive site what you can see is in incoming current Gray Reef Sharks, Black Jack Fish, Dog Tooth Tuna, Barracuda and many more. It will take 1:30 min to go there from Tholusdhoo Island by boat.

12. Kuda kandu
Kuda kandu means in Maldivian language small channel. In incoming current you can see White tip Reef Shark, Black Jack fish, Red Snapper, Fusilier and a lot more. Best to dive between 10m to 20m in the will take 1:30 min go to the dive site by dhoni.