Sea Retreats offers the best in class scuba diving experience in Maldives. Whether you are a professional diver or trying out scuba diving for the first time, we can help you in every stage. Dive with Sea Retreats and enrich your diving experience. We have devised our services for first time divers to professional divers. Choose the option you feel is right for you.

Try Diving in Maldives

Explore the underwater wonders even if you don’t have a certification


If you want to try diving in Maldives & don’t want to opt for full courses, then this option is perfect for your vacation in Maldives. In this package you will be given a chance to experience underwater sea life without a certification. Sign up for Try Diving & enjoy the depths of the underworld.

Daily Diving Trips

Discover the underwater beauty of Maldives


If you are a diver and can’t get enough of underwater world, then join us for daily diving trips. Discover & explore new diving sites each & every day, make your vacation unforgettable. We have multiple options for daily diving trips. Live & breath underwater with Sea Retreats.

Excursions & Activities

Check out the things to do besides divinig


If you wish to try out many things other than diving in Maldives, then opt in for our excursions & activities. We have devised perfect & fun things to do in Maldives. There are many adventurous activities you can do in Maldives. Sign up for various excursions & rest leave it to us, we will make your experience in Maldives magical & extraordinary.

Get Certified

Get your scuba diving certificate from beginner to instructor level


If you want to be a certified scuba diver, then you came to the right place. We can help you to become a certified scuba diver. We offer SSI certification courses. Our professional instructors will teach you fundamentals & best in class training. Sign up today and become a certified diver.